Innovation Highlights

PORSAV Innovation Highlights

LeakTrapTM and EndoTrapTM are two devices developed by Palliare.


LeakTrapTM captures and extracts aerosol leaks from around the trocar during laparoscopic surgery. LeakTrapTM consists of disposable rings, which sit around the trocars, and which connect to a vacuum system. The rings have multiple openings, which capture the aerosol leaks, thus preventing them from becoming airborne in the operating room.

LeakTrap™ collector rings (black rings touching patient skin and top of trocar) and vacuum system
LeakTrap™ collector rings (black rings touching patient skin and top of trocar) – left and vacuum system – right


EndoTrapTM is a product designed to reduce endoscopists exposure to airborne particles generated during endoscopic procedures. EndoTrapTM  consists of a T-piece with a valve and a protective sleeve and is intended to be used in conjunction with a face mask and a viral filter. EndoTrapTM  is designed so that all inhaled and exhaled gases pass through the viral filter, thus protecting the operator from harmful biological contaminants.

EndoTrap™ mask/sleeve system for protection of endoscopist
EndoTrap™ mask/sleeve system for protection of endoscopist

Schlieren Imaging

Schlieren Imaging captures air flows and thus aerosols, using variations in the refraction of light as it passes through bodies of different densities. Invented in the 1860s, it is widely used today in fields such as ballistics and aeronautical engineering, to capture and analyse airflow around projectiles, wing-edges, etc. Recent work by PORSAV partners UCD has developed a Schlieren apparatus which is compact enough to use in a surgical setting. This offers unprecedented insights into the atmosphere of the OR, and in particular the leaks that escape into this atmosphere.

Effect of activating LeakTrap™ on a trocar
The left image shows two trocars with CO2 leaks visualized by Schlieren imaging and the LeakTrap™ device off. The right image shows the same two trocars, only this time the LeakTrap™ device is on for the left trocar but not the right one.
CO2 leaks visualized
Visualizing CO2 leaks with Schlieren imaging.