Project Description


IRCAD is an R&D centre and the world’s leading surgical training institution, with unique expertise in minimally-invasive and robotic surgery for abdominal conditions. Founded in 1994 by Prof Jacques Marescaux, and located on-site at University Hospital of Strasbourg, IRCAD trains thousands of surgeons every year, both on-site and via its online WebSurg online surgical university. IRCAD has daughter institutions in Brazil and Taiwan.

Prof. Silvana Peretta is an award-winning leader in gastro-intestinal surgery and surgical education, with a particular focus on medical innovation, endoscopy and robotics. She is a pioneer in new surgical procedures, hybrid approaches, and also holds 9 patents, with 123 peer-reviewed publications.

Dr Bernard Dallemagne is an award-winning pioneer in minimally-invasive foregut surgery and advanced laparoscopy. He has trained surgeons all over the world, and is editor-in-chief of IRCAD’s WebSurg resource. He has > 160 peer-reviewed publications and holds 12 patents on surgical instruments.